This is how it’s going down…

I have been ranting at my Facebook friends so long, I honestly think some of them are going to buy plane tickets (they live all over the U.S.) and fly out to kick my ass: “Shut up, Wofford!”

Hence, I’ve sworn off Facebook as any sort of platform for my “evil, gay-huggin’, tree-lovin’, secular, liberal agenda from hell.” From now on, here will be your #1 source for all things reprobate/apostate/fornicate… err, just the first two.

There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be comedy. There will be drama. There will be blood. And I might just drink your milkshake.

[I reference enough pop culture to make Lady Gaga nervous.]

The way I see it, sacred is what we make it, and I intend to have a good laugh at what isn’t before I play that “big gig in the sky.”

No disrespect intended. Chances are you and I have a lot in common. So if you think I’m taking potshots at what’s near and dear to you, give me some credit. I’m harmless. Loud, but harmless.

I’m endlessly thinking about my role in my community, both global and local. So that calls for self-reflection. And I do my thinking out loud. I’m not self-centered. Just self-conscious.

With that all said, let the games begin.


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One response to “This is how it’s going down…

  1. Ari

    John, i would not only like to buy a plane ticket and go up there (not necessarily to kick your scrawny ass) but id like to hug you for being so amazing. i am so excited to finally have a set in stone “John is ranting again! blog”!!!

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