Pre-Pesach Roundup

Since Passover begins tonight (oh, and Chag Semeach Pesach, to you too!), I thought I’d round-up the latest and greatest in news, pop culture, and my brain before I chill for a bit over the holiday.


The big thing (and the one thing I’ve consistently — read: obsessive-compulsively– covered) on everyone’s mind is the Catholic hierarchy cover-up. Regardless of whether or not Benny resigns (and even my Catholic friends agree, it’s high time for that), his image is forever tarnished. Thankfully, my friends in the media aren’t through with him yet, and when they are, this crisis will hopefully be in the hands of a capable (and by that, I mean “not-corrupt”) individual. If this is what “infallibility in matters of doctrine” (a.k.a. “do as I say, not as I do”) means… well, that’s alright… you can keep it.

In other, less tragic, news:

An Iowa town government changes the name of “Good Friday” to the more ecumenical “Spring Holiday,” to the obvious, and mostly justified, consternation of Right-Wing Christians (known ’round these parts as “the fundies”). I gotta say, the fundies are right on this one. I’m not a Christian (and I’m not looking to buy that heavenly Avon, thank you), but honestly? Changing the name of a holiday that everyone comprehends the significance of, in the rare chance that someone who has lived under a rock his or her whole life won’t feel their religious freedom encroached on? That’s what we call being “dum.” Plain and simple. Jews, Muslims (and pretty much everyone not a traditionalist Christian) have made it clear that we won’t be first in line to see “Jesus: the Most-Awesome-est Son of God EVA… starring Jim Caviezel” when it premieres in theaters. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say most of us aren’t offended by Christians celebrating Christian holidays. Don’t change the name. It’s an insult to Jesus (who hasn’t had any say in the matter for over 2,000 years, poor guy), and it’s an insult to Christian families who don’t equate the ACLU with the Hilterian regime, but still want to celebrate their designated Christian holiday in peace and with dignity. Don’t rob them their cultural uniqueness simply because some really batty born-agains have taken it on themselves to make this a “God-fearin’, rifle-totin’, Skoal-chewin’ nation!” This whole thing was a reactionary, PC gamble that didn’t need to happen. Elect new leadership when the next term rolls around. Those guys don’t know what their doing.

But on to even funnier pastures: in Tennessee, a dog that attacked a police car is being forced into obedience training

Also in Tennessee… a young man who was “bored and didn’t have anything else to do” is being charged with streaking in a grocery store. Because, you know, wielding your swinging penis like a medieval mace at the old lady buying hummus is better than playing Call of Duty 4.

In other creepy, food-related news… a New York chef is now selling cheese made with his wife’s “mommy milk.” And by “his wife,” I mean his wife. Dude is actually selling Booby-Kraft (you saw the Trademark first here, folks) to his customers. He should get together with “grocery-story-plus-my-penis-equals-hijinks” man and start a food company. With a lot of complaints.


Since I already raved about Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey” once, I’ll pick an entirely different track of theirs for this week. 

Also interesting is the news that the former-Dixie Chicks (now just two strong) are releasing a side project this May called Court Yard Hounds. This single, allegedly about a son disowned by his gay-bashing father, is of note. The Dixie Chicks were always the liberal country stars who built a rep standing up for the exact opposite beliefs of their traditional fan base. That approach garnered them an Album of the Year Grammy award for their really damn good Taking the Long Way Round. Let’s hope the success continues.

Just so everyone doesn’t think I’ve “gone country” (I still hate overalls)… I give you the link to Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”, a very NSFW video of a particularly easy feel-good track by this impressive female artist.

With that, I conclude the Pre-Passover round up. More news about the Catholic crisis as it develops.



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2 responses to “Pre-Pesach Roundup

  1. webrover

    The Catholic Church has lost all credibility. Just another example of Christian hypocrisy. Thankfully, more and more people are leaving that awful religion.

    • Webrover:

      I think you’re right about the disappointing examples of Christian hypocrisy, and you’re not the only one disturbed by the latest developments, but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s simply an “awful religion.” Christianity birthed me, and while I eventually rejected its basic tenets, I did so on the basis of a relationship with Christianity that had spanned 20 years of my life. If what I learned in church inspired me to look for truth in all the world (eventually finding a home as a Jew), then it can’t be all bad.

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